Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow and then Spring discoveries ...

first of the snow

We have had a lovely week of snowfall here which has made one little girl very happy indeed. For other people around here you'd think it was the end of the World, they've never seen so much snow. We really didn't have that much, in my experience of snow before we moved here, but to people who have always lived here it was quite a big deal.

snow covered trees at the back of the house

So we had the covering, we've had the icy walks, we had some more snow and then came the thaw; the pavements were all slushy and now it's almost gone. Here are a few pictures of our snow fun, and then some photos from our walk today so you can see what we discovered.

snow fun after tumblebugs
(Imogen was the only one there last week)

action shot
our Snowmen - Zizi and Zooper

The birds are around in large numbers today as they can get at the ground again. Including numerous Fieldfares that are being mentioned on news and nature programmes lately. Just a couple of minutes from our home is a woodland area where there must have been about 40 or 50 Fieldfares amongst other birds. The birdsong was delightful to hear.

Here's a picture that I carefully lined up and focused on the Fieldfare - can you see him in the centre?
No? No, because he flew off just as I took the photo! I got a couple more but never quite got the focus, here's one of them anyway.

And as the snow has cleared, there are signs of Spring. We were delighted to see these daffodils shooting from the ground; and the Pieris nodding it's beautiful white flowers. Is Spring just around the corner?

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