Friday, 8 January 2010

So this is what it would be like ...

... if the gulf stream that keeps this little Island mild most Winters stopped! Dramatic? Maybe. However, the current freezing weather experienced here is because the warm air usually delivered by the gulf stream is not reaching us at present but is being blocked by Greenland, and we are in the clutches of the cold air from the East. Our usual mild weather is heading to the Mediterranean and Spain at the moment. Cold water in the Atlantic is to blame for the cold weather across the UK and much of North America, which is termed the butterfly effect (weather is affected by something occurring elsewhere). It's blocking the high pressure, and leaving us more exposed to the low pressure. It's a fine balance that can change regularly, like a see-saw making weather forecasting difficult.

Climate change anyone? People have misconceptions of what it means to them (if anything), so now they are getting a taste of the more extreme weather conditions we may experience. 2009 brought more serious flooding, and this cold snap has been the coldest for a long time. So can we cope? Of course we can, but it brings to light other thoughts such as our reliance on gas which is in limited supply at the moment, and the grid is straining at the demand. It would be lovely to think that people would start to think more about Peak Oil, wouldn't it?

On this happy note, I'm off to make a cup of coffee - now where's that Storm Kettle?!


  1. This has been going through my mind too. I think DH maybe hopeful that his dreams of a husky farm being realised! But seriously, we have alot of changes to make to the way we live as a society, either in trying to avert climate change, or simply living with consequences.

  2. I agree, it's had me thinking too. Especially about all the interesting (!!) views that since its cold global warming must be a myth!!

  3. So interesting and thought provoking. We have all been more conscious about saving energy as much as possible, while keeping warm, during the last few weeks - even my teenager!


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