Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Staunton Park and Water festival

We had a lovely day out at Staunton Park on Sunday. They were again hosting the Hampshire Water festival where we looked around at craft stalls, and lots of environmental and conservation groups.

Imogen visited the beekeepers again (almost on first name terms with them) but we didn't make another beeswax candle this time. We also visited the bat conservation stand and were privileged to see some pipistrelle bats who were to be released when their wings were better. Imogen thought this was fantastic, they were so small. We often have them flying in the garden and at the allotment but to see some closer up and in daytime was lovely.

spinning the diabolo

Imogen had a go at some of the circus skills too, her favourite was walking the tightrope but she also had a brief stand on the stilts, and enjoyed some plate spinning, skipping and playing with the diabolo.
plate spinning

Imogen got to explore items from the sea floor including a mammoths tooth and part of its tusk, old spoons, a deer antler, a stone age tool and a WW2 bullet. We did some pond dipping at the lake and watched others having a go on the zorbs on the water, before having a picnic lunch. After lunch we went over to the Farm as we have a culture pass allowing us annual free entry to here in addition to many other places we visit. But that's another post!

Cooling down in the mist tent

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  1. Looks fab! aahh those little bats reminded me of a bet bat I once had as it had a ripped wing. They are such cute and gentle animals.


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