Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sunshine and bike riding

improvised sun hat

So what have we been doing. We've enjoyed that we had some rain to water the plants and refill the water butts - one less big job to do, although it's now hot and dry again so I will be watering them later.

just riding my bike

Imogen has been enjoying riding a bike that has been stored in the grandparents loft since she was little, but it's now a good size for her to progress to (her other one is too small now, has been for a while really). She's never been that into riding her bike but this seems a lot easier for her once she got used to it so I think she will be riding a lot more in the future. She's had great fun with this for a few days.

The grandparents have been staying not too far away in the New Forest for a few days in their caravan so we went to visit them on Saturday. They were staying at one of those well equipped sites (my Mom does comfort caravan parks!). On arrival we played for a while with various things and then went for lunch in the restaurant. Imogen rode her bike to lunch.

at the park
down the slides

After lunch we went to the play park which was nice and had a go on the "crazy" golf. Alex and I have a bit of a thing about crazy golf no longer being that crazy. I remember the days as a child when crazy golf was crazy and difficult, not saying it's easy now but whoever designs them just doesn't put any effort into it any more. There is one exception to this that we have seen but not yet had a go at over in Northern Ireland - next time we are over there visiting family or on holiday we will go and try it out. It looks really good fun, you may get squirted with water on your way aroundd, it looks well designed and maintained; and even has a pirate ship in the middle. It's here if you're interested.
crazy golf the hole in one,
although not this go - didn't get it on camera

Anyway, enough of me moaning about crazy golf and how crazy it is. We had fun, although frustration set in with Imogen at times, only to be squashed when she hit the ball on one hole - up the slope through the clowns head (?) and it rolled down and she got ... a hole in one! None of the rest of us could even come close to achieving that. Fun was had even if she used the club more like a croquet mallet.

Time for an ice cream and then a ride on the bike back to the caravan for coffee and relaxation and more playing with hoops, velcro catch ball, tennis, frisby and lots more bike riding. It turned into a really hot afternoon which I wasn't expecting and we'd all forgotten to bring Imogen a hat, so I made a makeshift one with a clean hanky - how very British! I'd also not got the suncream (not like me) but my Mom had some I used on Imogen as it was hot.

more riding my bike
with my Grandad
Good weekend, and now this week Imogen has finished her last couple of sessions at pre-school, and only has a little party for all the leavers left on Friday.

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  1. thank goodness for the rain, our water butts are full now too, we are on a water meter, so very thankful .. now for some sunshine though
    love to you all xx


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