Friday, 2 July 2010

Woolly times

I have spent a fair bit of time with my wheel spinning wool lately, here are some pictures of the spun wool on the bobbin, skeins drying and skeins ready to use.

skeins drying outside
some of the skeins ready to use

Hoping to find some time to do some dyeing on some of these soon, just thinking about what I want to do with the wool.

Other woolly projects on the go here

Knitted dolls
little dolls
more little sheep - different breeds!
what a lot of squares?!?
Project for a show ...


  1. Wow, you've been busy. xxx

  2. You are having a great time in the garden and at your wheel! Beautiful spun wool!

  3. Yes, you have been very busy indeed. It's looking fantastic. I'm busy getting ready to do loads of spinning on my trusty little spindles for the tour de fleece on Ravelry. What fibres have you been using?

  4. Thankyou all x

    Ashleigh - this is all wool on these skeins - a lovely soft Dorset Horn fleece from last year that was massive and has taken a long time to work through, only a little left now.
    I spin mostly wool from the fleece, alpaca and flax (linen) at the moment. Have done merino's and silks and aim to experiment some more.

  5. Aw, that's awesome. Spinning from a fleece, and all the prep that involves scares me somewhat! So I'm in awe of you patience and skill. I spun some portland from Spinning Weal in Clevedon, as my first fibre, and even that had been relatively processed already. I've done EWB, BFL and Chevoit. I'm also always thinking of ways to experiment.

    What's the flax like? I've heard plant fibres tend to have a short staple and can be quite hard to work with.

  6. Spinning from the fleece does take some extra work but it's really rewarding to see it taken from sheep to something knitted or woven. I've done a few different breeds and planning to get more to see what the different feels are. From a farm fleece is so cheap if not free, farmers unforunately get very little for them from the Wool Board.

    Flax was cool to have a go at - my spinning guru gave me the opportunity to have a go at short flax and long line flax using a distaff (tall post for it to hand down from) - the long was a lot easier. The key with flax for me that made it a lot easier is that you have a tub of water and keep wetting the fibres as you spin it - makes it flow so much easier. The shorter fibre flax is easier to spin from a fold in the tops that you have - it draws the fibre much easier.


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