Friday, 9 July 2010

Visiting school

Imogen is starting infant school in September, a lovely local school we were so pleased to be able to get her into as it wasn't our catchment school, which is not so nice.

Wednesday she had her final visit before starting in September, this visit she was going to be with her class and the teacher she is with (who is lovely). On our way there Imogen was very talkative, and Daddy reminded her to take a breath sometimes between talking, her reply?

"I'm just so excited, I can't stop talking"

She had a great time, said she didn't want to come home, and later drew some pictures of her teacher, the head teacher and the others. It's great to see her enjoying this time. It really is a lovely school, many areas set up inside and outside for them to explore and learn.

Later I was thinking about what she had said, and it just reminded her of me as a child. There are memories I have of doing something exciting and I just talked and talked and never stopped. I hope she does this for many years to come, lovely way to express her excitement.


  1. So glad she had a nice visit - Meg did too - she was so excited and didn't want to come home and now all I hear about is school. Which considering the worries I have about her starting was a wonderful thing (I just can't beleive they get so big so quick!) xxx

  2. That's good to hear about Meg too, so pleased for you both!

  3. It is so much easier when they go to school and it is a lovely place with nice teachers - I hope she loves going and I am sure she will. She sounds very much like me too - my kiddies reports always have a mention of them talking a lot :-)


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