Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekend adventures and relaxation

Well it's been a nice relaxing weekend; Saturday morning started with a bit of gardening, potting on seedlings, planting out the next succession of lettuce plants and some overhanging tree pruning from the woodland behind the house.

After lunch we ventured to Romsey to drop of a CD at the printers for the guilds July newsletter - so many pictures in it to celebrate the 60 years that it was too big to email them. It was pretty busy as we arrived and then I realised it was the Beggars Fair festival - a free festival with music and street entertainment. I remembered a friend from the guild talking about it last year. We had a nice walk around and paused in the King Johns House garden to eat an ice cream, New Forest ice cream at that (a bit of a favourite with Imogen at the moment). The gardens are lovely - wildflower meadow, herbs, and wonderful fruit against the walls - the Pears were looking so nice.

sitting in the gardens in Romsey

A wander through the town, we saw musicians and dancers of all kinds. Whilst sitting in the gardens we heard Jero FĂ©rec playing Flamenco Guitar, with the percussionist Iqbal Khan Pathan. A talented guitarist, lovely to listen to, and what better way than out in the open at a free festival.

Sunday morning was spent here - Holly Hill Woodland Park - not far away, for a lovely woodland walk, stick collecting for pooh sticks (although the water was still), stick collecting to play castles on the rocks, and feeding the ducks and the very large fish.

carved bench at Holly Hill
more climbing and castle play

A lovely morning walk. And for the afternoon ...

Water table play
woolly octopus?

The afternoon was spent in the garden, Imogen with her water table and me with my wool and Spinning wheel (Imogen wanted to take some pictures). She also had a bit of wool to play with - see above picture - she thought it looked like a woolly octopus.

carding jacobs fleece (humbug style)combed fibresMama spinning wool

We had a lovely time, and Daddy joined us for some tomato plant pruning, Imogen did the watering recycling the water from her play table and then they had a game of football.

footballer Imogen

end of afternoon spinning

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  1. A happy summery weekend! What a happy little girl and a happy family. Love seeing you spinning.


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