Monday, 5 July 2010

What a lovely gift ...

Back from a weekend away visiting Alex's parents and sister who were over in England for his sisters graduation ceremony this week, she is receiving her Doctorate that she finished earlier in the year.

They came bearing gifts for us all. Can you guess what they brought for me?

my gift bag

Still unsure?

I have to add, that they said they had something for me and as soon as I saw the bag, I made a guess based on what I usually see in bags like these. And yep, I was right.

No guesses? Well, what about a bag of this ...

mixed bag of fleeces

Yes, sheep's fleece from a local source to them and all very reasonable. I think their may be a request for a parcel within the next few months.
Charollais (very soft short fibres)

Wensleydale ( so curly and crimpy)

Zwartbles (so crimpy)

How lovely, some Wensleydale (lovely curly locks), some Zwartbles (the black) and some Charollais (the white). All still lovely and greasy, and soft. I know there are a few spinners out there that read my blog - just look at the lovely crimp! Will be spinning them soon.

Very happy. It's always nice to receive a gift from someone but when they really put some thought into "what would she like?" and get it so completely right, it's even nicer. Now I know what to write on my Santa wish list!


  1. lovely, looks like you will be a busy girl xxx

  2. Interesting variety of fleeces! Do show us how they spin up.

  3. I guessed right ;0). Your going to have loads of fun with that lot.

  4. the wenslydale looks lovely and as for the Zwartbles (?) never heard of it!

  5. Yes, busy busy - need to give them a quick wash, will definitely share picture of the spun wool.

    The zwartble are around in the UK, came over from Holand. They're apparently really friendly, tame sheep. Lovely soft wool too :-)


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