Sunday, 7 June 2009

Munch, munch, munch

We spent part of Saturday at the allotment tending to our crops, training (or more like taming!) the blackberries, watering (through lack of any rainfall and a hot sunny week), and harvesting.

taming the blackberries
the bean wigwam

We are not the only ones harvesting on the Broad Beans - these lovely friends of the garden and allotment are having a feast too! We believe in letting nature deal with pests. I really should blog about my philosophy on permaculture and how I apply the principles to gardening, one for another day.

Here are some of Imogen's planted seeds - she wrote the labels too, really good for 3½.


Imogen's pumpkin seedlings

And an updated picture of the Herb Spiral, the plants are settling in well and growing lovely. I still need to plant more into this sometime.

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