Monday, 1 June 2009

Nature walk around the garden

I have learned to live with some weeds in the garden, except the invasive perennial ones that can take over quickly. My style of gardening is working with nature, as is the way with permaculture, so you need a great diversity of plants and the beneficial insects they attract. This means having some of those wild flowers that many consider weeds. I think we need to learn that they have their place. Of course, many of them are edible too.

Here are some pictures whilst Imogen and I were out playing, we decided to take a look at nature in the garden

Wild Raspberries and buttercups

Wild Strawberries

Around the Apple Tree

Spreading mint


Buttercups by the veg patch

Bees around the Comfrey
Bee on the Blackberries
Bee in flight by the Comfrey


1 comment:

  1. Cool pictures - I have lots of buttercup too - it is so bright and cheerful - and spreading mint! don't think it works in the onion bed though :) xxx


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