Sunday, 21 June 2009

Season swap and corner

Just a quick post to show off our lovely season swap gift from "spacefamily" at GP. The carrot and strawberries are lovely and the flower card is too!. All on our season corner, or being played with!
Our craft swap carrot and strawberries

Summer season corner (so far)

I've a few more bits to pop on the season corner sometime 0 the tree is far too bare and needs some flowers, and I have a Summer Flower Girl in the making but not quite finished. Will update again soon.

Happy Fathers Day to Daddy, will put up a picture of his gift later as he hasn't opened it yet, waiting for him to return from the allotment where we will all be going after lunch. Daddy and Imogen spent a lovely day together yesterday whilst I was at the local spinners Guild meeting, and buying sheep's fleece! More on that later too ...

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  1. Wow - they look sooo beautiful - lucky swap partner, although your strawbs were lovely too. I have totally stopped doing any craft right now. Took my knitting away yesterday but it stayed in the bag. Enjoy the summer. xx


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