Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Niddy Noddy

I will post more this week - been very busy with one thing or another. My makeshift Niddy Noddy worked well but won't last very long as it was cardboard. So today whilst Imogen is busy making things with playdoh, I shall be sawing and drilling a piece of wood to make another Niddy Noddy that will last a bit longer ... pictures later.

I just happened to have a couple of lengths of wood cut down from the Eucalyptus tree (nice hardwood) at the allotment so neatened the edges and sanded them, drilled some holes and sanded any rough edges and knots on the wood. With the use of the wooden knitting needles again, hey presto ... new Niddy Noddys, two different lengths.

Oh and these are my Carders that I bought from Hilary when I went for the Spinning course day.

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