Friday, 19 June 2009

Not enough time ...

Where has all the time has been going lately? I have been neglecting updating the blog so here's a quick update. I guess with the weather being so lovely and warm and sunny still there has been more time spent outdoors. We could really do with some of that rain that keeps being predicted but then seems to pass us by, the garden could do with a good downpour.

I have been doing more spinning and am off to the local Guild meeting tomorrow which should be good, and great to meet all the other members.

The allotment is ticking over nicely - we planted a 2nd wave of tomato plants last weekend and harvested the last of the Broad Beans and cut them down to add to the compost heap. The other main job achieved was training in the blackberries that were previously rambling wildly. We didn't have that part of the plot last year so had to wait to this year to get them under control.

In the evenings when I'm not spinning or carding wool, I'm doing some more knitting again. I have a bit more time now I have finished my Summer craft swap for the GP forum (will post a picture when I know it's been received and opened). So I'm back to knitting some vegetables. I'll have to get some pictures posted when I have things stuffed and sewn up. The other craft I have done is completing a gift for Fathers Day but can't post any more info until after the weekend in case he looks at the blog over the weekend. Imogen is carefully not telling him about things for Fathers Day!

So another busy weekend ahead, spinning, allotment (Sunday), and all the other things that take up our time. Imogen has been drawing some fantastic pictures recently - really must photograph some and put them up on here, and has been enjoying her lacing cards this week.

Eric Carle lacing cards

The other thing she has enjoyed playing with lately are the magnetic letters and numbers, spelling words on the fridge including this one

... more confirmation that she is a lefty! She uses her left hand the majority of the time when writing and drawing.
And here she is on a walk back from the park the other day.

Bug on way home from the park

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