Friday, 26 June 2009

What Mommy did this week ...

On top of all the other things we do and have done this week, I have spent some time spinning. Since going to the Guild meeting last Saturday and picking up the 2 lovely fleeces - Poll Dorset and a Jacobs, I have been to my Monday evening spinning group which I am really enjoying. This week I learnt how to spin using the long draw method, which was quite different to what I thought and I actually picked it up quite easily.

I have sorted through and removed any rubbish from the Jacobs fleece but haven't done the Dorset one yet. Here are some pictures of the fleece, followed by some pictures of my spun wool.

Jacobs whole fleece for sorting
Lovely crimp and staple of the Jacobs wool

Hampshire Down spun

Hampshire Down on the Niddy Noddy

Ready for washing

Drying on the line

This is some spun up fleece that we have had for ages - not sure on the breed (will try and find out), it wasn't spinning too well initially but now I have the hang of it, I really like the colour.

Raw fleece
on the Bobbin

I think I shall make some of the skeins into balls this weekend and perhaps knit up some as a sample. My spinning is really improving and the thickness is becoming far more even.

I find it an immensely relaxing craft.


  1. That all looks amazing, I've got a BFL fleece coming soon. I'm not progressing much with my spinning, do you do better/worse with different wools? Have you got any spining tips you could pass along?!

  2. Bloomin' heck - you are fast turning into the spinning pro' my dear! Well done you - what a great hobby to start. xxx


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