Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunshine, park and wool!

Glorious sunshine again, we really are getting a Summer this year! Various things going on over the weekend including visiting a contemporary crafts show where my Spinning teacher was displaying and selling her handwoven rugs. It was lovely to catch up with her and tell her of my progress.

Talking of spinning, I have finally got the skeins into balls and started some knitting. With the Jacobs wool I'm going to knit just a sampler as that's my first spun wool and perhaps a scarf as it has uneven thickness. I wasn't sure what to start with the other wool, however when asked at the weekend by Imogen what I was going to knit, both her and Daddy came up with a "sheep" at the same time ... so a sheep is what I will knit. Seems quite apt to knit a sheep from 100% sheep's wool, why not, so that's what is on the needles at the moment.

Thank you for the lovely comments I've had about my spinning, they really bring a smile to my face. I do love spinning and can't believe I've not been doing it for very long, it feels like I've been doing it for ages, but only really started after my tuition day with Hilary which was 9th June, so about 3 weeks.
I've been thinking about your questions Liz and will reply, just want to think about what has helped me, and yes I find some wools easier to spin with - watch this space, I will post some thoughts this week.
Anyway some photos ...

Another hot sunny day today, so we meandered off to the library and then the park before retreating home for a cool relax this afternoon. We were spotting Swallows and Swifts today swooping around the sky, and correctly identifying Sparrows, Coal Tits and Pied Wagtails. This girl knows her birds. Off to spinning group this evening. Will probably post in the next few days.
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

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