Friday, 26 June 2009

What we did this week ...

This week has again been gloriously hot and sunny so a lot of time has been spent outdoors. We go to Tumblebugs and swimming every week, and the library of course. This week we have also been down to the park by the river (see previous post about being on the slide), and generally out and about. Here are a few photo's from when indoors followed by some from today outdoors where the weather was very different.

Helping Mommy dismantle the spare bed -
replaced with futon (which was stored underneath)
to give us more space in the spare room

Drawing a Beaver (must add a post of lots of her pictures of animals - I think they are really good for her age)

being a robot

doing some yoga
(excuse the mess!)

trying a new hairstyle

Last night it rained ... a lot. Brilliant as we haven't had any for ages and the plants are thirsty! Hopefully it's filled the water butts at the allotment for when it's dry again, and hopefully everything had a good drink last night and this morning where it was still raining.

We went out today to buy some new shoes, and dressed appropriately so that we could splash in some puddles. We had a little upset when Mommy left her umbrella on the bus, I felt rather bad about it, especially when she looked at herself on the mirror at the shoe shop and the bottom lip went. Silly Mommy we said. She got over it by buying new shoes and thinking that "a little girl might find it and use it and then they will be happy and dry", how sweet.

Ready to go out

Off to catch the bus

A bit wet?

Splashing in puddles

And there was a happy ending to the tale of the umbrella, I went to the lost property place at the bus station (just in case), and yes you guessed it ... the umbrella was there! I didn't think it would be so was surprised but pleased that we went to try. On the way home Imogen said how she could tell Daddy all about the umbrella being lost and found again, and about her new shoes when he comes home from work.

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