Friday, 5 March 2010

Drawing, Crayons and a lovely Gardenmama giveaway

Our little girl is always drawing, she always has done. Admittedly we have always let her have access to drawing materials so she was scribbling as soon as she could hold a crayon. Her drawings have really developed over time. She has a few books on how to draw animals or insects, etc - would probably be deemed a little old for her to follow but she has a go and really has fun trying. She loves to copy pictures from books she's reading too, this picture is from the book "Fox on a box", this picture is of the trees and the bunting around the forest, fox and other animals and the box is the prize.

Fox on a box

After a recent day watching Madagascar (the film) she wanted some pictures to colour in so I printed a few colouring pages off the internet. As well as colouring them in she traced the lines of one picture from the other side and it was perfect - I hadn't realised what she'd done and didn't realise she knew about "tracing". She also copied all of the pictures into her drawing pad and I just love this one of Melman the Giraffe - complete with boxes on his feet as in the film.

Melman the Giraffe

On the subject of drawing, there is another lovely giveaway on Gardenmama's blog. Something a little girl in this house would love as she is always drawing and regularly asking "where are my crayons?". With an apron like this which is such a fantastic idea, she wouldn't lose them again. The apron could also double up as a crayon roll when not being worn. Genius.

Gardenmama blog

Oh and here's a potato craft she did recently at a fabulous library storytelling - she decided she would make a chicken with lots of feathers and a yellow beak and his name would be Licken. This is Licken the chicken, not to be confused with the story Chicken Licken - it isn't that chicken!

Licken, the chicken

However, here is a picture she drew of Chicken Licken and wrote his name.

Chicken Licken

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  1. My daughter was just like Imogen at her age, always drawing. In fact she still is and she's 11 now. Quite a few years ago we bought her a Crayola Groovy Graphix Projector, and she's had years of fun with that, tracing all sorts and creating some fab pictures. I love Licken the chicken.


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