Monday, 8 March 2010

Magic Loop and knitted animals (although not connected)

Today I have mastered knitting by the magic loop method. Well, I say mastered, what I mean is I understand now how to do it. I don't really like using dpn's when knitting as I find they leave a gap at the joins - that's my experience of knitting with them anyway - I just can't seem to close those gaps. So I decided to try and do it with a circular needle as I have seen this done and it looks a lot neater.

I found this tutorial worked for me so can now knit in the round on just a few stitches rather than having to switch to dpn's.

Other than this on the knitting front, today I have sewn up a couple of little baby rabbits I knitted squares yesterday for, over the weekend I knitted and sewed a couple of chicks and a hen. A cockerel was been requested too.

knitted bunnies,
chicks and hen

I'm off to my Spinning evening tonight to learn to spin flax into lovely linen yarn. On the drive there we go through a lot of nice countryside and over one island that has been named by Imogen as "rabbit island" - in the Summer months last year we saw many rabbits there so it is a landmark on the journey. We shall be looking out for them tonight as we sighted a couple last time I went for my spinning lesson a fortnight ago. Hence the bunnies being knitted for today.


  1. aaahh those animals are so cute, I especially love the cockerel and chicks :-)

  2. I love those little cute animals. I've been inspired by blogs I have read to get my knitting needles out. It's over 20 years since I have knit anything, but have just made my daughter a pair of socks. I'm not clever enough to use circular needles or knit on 4 needles, so they have a seam up the back, but she likes them all the same.

  3. Thanks so much for this post and the link to the tutorial.
    I've been trying to learn the magic loop method and now I understand it!
    I actually LOVE working on 4 dpns, but it's useful to now how to do the magic loop too.
    Many thanks ;0)

  4. Thank you.
    Yes Jo, knitting has really come back into fashion now too.
    Lynda - my pleasure, I've tried different tutorials but this one cracked it for me too.

  5. Those bunnies are so very cute. I've been looking at animal patterns in a few books, what wool would you recommend for them? My stash consists of wool that's far too thick and while I quite like the idea of a purple bunny I'd like to do some realistic colours as well :)

  6. Hi Liz, these bunnies were just some oddments of double knitting wool I had, but I have also been experimenting with my spun wool (natural colours) which is generally at the moment still a bit thicker than that, although the last few skeins done are probably closer to DK. The spun wool knits up nice too - although the animals will be a bit larger.


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