Monday, 15 March 2010

Root Children and Mothers Day

Mother Earth now has some root children.

Mother Earth and Root Children

"The root children sleep underground all winter until Mother Earth awakens them,
and they get to work sewing pretty new clothes for Spring. The tiny flower children parade
and frolic above earth as the seasons pass until Mother Earth beckons them
back below ground for winter

Saturday, Imogen baked some lovely Butternut Squash muffins (one of our favourites) and they are yummy (Mommy helped a little, especially with the oven). The afternoon was spent at the allotment, and we came home with a lovely harvest basket.

Mmmmm ... muffins

digging with DaddyHarvesting

Sunday, being Mothers Day was welcomed with a lovely handmade card from Imogen and then a day spent at Weald and Downland Open Air Museum near Chichester, with reduced entry for Mothers Day. A lovely Sunny day I got to catch up with the lovely lady that taught me to spin wool, and we had a lovely day at the Museum, through the many different buildings, the woodland and farmland.

fun in the forest

We met some lovely South Down sheep and their lambs, fed the ducks and the enormous fish in the lake, and had a thoroughly lovely day.


There were some lovely new sculptures around since our last visit, many detailing the varieties of trees in the forests.

one of the sculptures


  1. What lovely looking sprouts! Although it does look like Imogen has a whole palm tree in her arms!

  2. Those muffins look scrummy. You've got a great harvest, especially those sprouts. Mine weren't much good this year, but I'm giving them a go again. Looks like you had an enjoyable mother's day.

  3. Wow, and wow again - those root children are fabulous xxxx

    (and I'd definitely buy them ;-) )

  4. Great photos.
    Do you have the recipe for butternut squash muffins? Please? ;0)

  5. Yes Claire, it took a while to pull them up and they are lovely and sweet.

    Thanks everyone.

    The muffins are a Jamie Oliver recipe, I just don't do the frosting. It's in one of the books but have found the recipe here online Linda they are lovely and one of our favourite muffins -


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