Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday's assortment of Nature, libraries and plans

We've had a lovely Sunny walk to the library today, noticing changes in things growing, and listening to birdsong and naming them from their sounds today. We have various nature books including a few on birds with details of their birdsong which has really interested Imogen again lately, perhaps because she is hearing so many at the moment. A great resource for listening to and recognising bird song is the RSPB website where you can find out about the bird and click the play button to hear their sound. I also like this one for quick access to British Bird song on the BBC Radio 4 site.

Every day this week I have been in our back garden and can hear the woodpecker that regularly visits, but not once this week have I located where he is - the sound just echoes and it's hard to pinpoint him at the moment.

fallen Alder catkins and cones

We picked up a few fallen Alder tree catkins and fruit cones, and Imogen was asking if they were flowers prompting a discussion about the different parts of the Alder tree - the male catkins and the female flowers, which ripen to fruits and become a dried cone in the Autumn holding the seed. We went on to spot other parts of other trees and Imogen was thrilled to see some lovely blossoms on the trees.

The library was good, as we arrived there was a school group just getting ready to leave. Quite a nice little group, reading and enjoying the library. Imogen did come and tell me "those 2 boys are throwing their coats at each other ... silly boys".

A few books to take home and a walk through the woods to ride the mossy concrete horse and climb a tree, and then homeward bound for lunch.

mossy horse to ridetree to climb - long way up there

We are hoping to have a busy time in the garden and maybe some time at the allotment this weekend. For now we are enjoying the lovely sunshine, the warmer air, more time outdoors and washing on the line all week. Lovely.

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  1. Our library has just been refurbished, and it seems that there's loads more going on there now it has reopened. I'm keeping my eyes open for forthcoming events. I was hoping for some time on the allotment today, but it's raining. I'm hoping it clears up this afternoon.


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