Friday, 26 March 2010

Spinning Linen

My attempts to catch up on here haven't been going well, there are just so many things taking up my time at the moment and I'm in need of rest time too at the moment, perhaps need to boost the old system to get going a bit more.

Anyway, on the spinning wheel recently I have spun flax - short flax and line flax from a distaff, both dry and wet and it's been fun. My spinning tutor offered me the opportunity to do some flax spinning after we were talking about it recently. So here is my spun flax ... well now I could call it Linen yarn, it spins quite fine or at least that was my experience with it

Linen yarn

There isn't a lot here, so not sure what I shall do with it yet. Linen is much easier woven than knit but I fancied having a go at knitting some anyway. Maybe a little linen purse that I could embellish. I would like to do some more so maybe that could be a weaving project in the future.

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