Friday, 26 March 2010

Knitting sheep and lambs

So what else have I been doing on top of spinning the linen pictured in my previous post?

Well, what else would you do with your own handspun wool but to knit it into yet another sheep and a little lamb (probably be multiples of these soon) for a certain little girl to play with. I knitted the loopy while a little while ago but only recently got is sewn up and stuffed, I use the washed carded fleece for stuffing too. The little lamb I knitted at lunchtime on Monday.

Ever since I knitted her the sheep she named Patatutu from my very first skein of white wool (I did a scarf for myself with my very first skein of wool that was a Jacobs fleece), she has asked for a lamb, and then more recently said that there would need to be a mommy sheep too.

I've a few patterns for different sheep now, gained from various places, so Mommy sheep is knit in a loopy style, and little lamb is just a simple one piece pattern (plus two little ears and a tail).

Loopy knitted mama and little lamb

sheep family

The sheep family are complete for now.


  1. These are so lovely! I hope hey grow into a little flock!

  2. Those sheep are adorable!

  3. Thankyou all, and yes I think the flock is about to grow a little, and then be added to with other animals no doubt :-)


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