Sunday, 28 March 2010

Earth hour ...

Earth Hour in our home

Earth Hour was last night from 8.30pm, a time where the whole World can come together to raise awareness of climate change. So in the spirit of this we switched all our lights off, and all other electrical items and had a peaceful candlelit evening until heading to bed. Imogen was in bed and asleep already and Alex fell asleep on the sofa beside me.

So by candlelight, I did some more of this

Needle felting by candle light was lovely and restful, and I didn't end up stabbing my fingers any more than normal.

I thought our season corner looked lovely in the candlelight too so took a picture to share with you.


  1. My phone line has been down since Thursday morning and they didn't get it fixed until yesterday afternoon so I've been without internet access. I've just been catching up on your posts. I love those knitted sheep, especially the loopy one. It will be nice to see the flock grow.

  2. Lovely photos! The season table does look so pretty.

  3. There is something very calm about a home when you have no electrical items on - candlelight is such a gorgeous light too :-)

  4. I read by candlelight for earth hour - pics here on my craft blog:


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