Monday, 20 July 2009

My handmade woolly sheep

Meet my handmade woolly sheep, 100% pure wool hand spun by me, 100% pure wool stuffing.

This is the first batch of spinning I did, except for some Jacobs wool which is currently being knitted into a scarf. This is spun from Hampshire and Dorset Down (the white fleece) and the brown/grey is from an unknown breed of fleece we have had for a long time - my thoughts are it is from a Manx Loughtan but I cannot be sure.

Anyway, when I made my skeins up into balls of wool, Imogen asked me what I was going to knit with it? (I think I mentioned this in a previous blog entry). I replied that I didn't know, and her suggestion was to knit a sheep, and coincidentally Alex was thinking the same. So I knitted a sheep. I finished sewing it together whilst away on holiday but have since tweaked it a bit as it's legs were too long, the face part wasn't right and the ears I knitted were not right either. I'm happy with it now. More importantly Imogen likes it, and named it ...

and here she is

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