Monday, 24 May 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Yay, it's Monday and I'm going to share a book with you once more ... it seems like ages since we've done this which is odd considering how many books we read and borrow from the library.

Anyway, today I want to share this book with you - it's called Five Little Fiends by Sarah Dyer. I believe this was her debut book, and a lovely one it is too.

Five little fiends marvel at their view

I love how this book teaches the concept of sharing to children, in a lovely way. They all look out at the world and marvel at the view, and then each choose their favourite element of it and take it home. The sun, the moon, the land, the sky and the sea are taken by the five so they can look at them when they want to.

Taking their favourite element of the view

but the elements do not survive without each other

However they begin to realise that these things all need each other to exist. A simple environmental message there too. So they choose to put them all back and enjoy the view together again.

Putting it all back together, to once again share the view
and see the World as it should be

What a lovely story, Imogen enjoyed reading this very much, and on turning the pages when they started to remove the elements would often say "They shouldn't do that, should they" ... very wise.

Hope you enjoy the book. It's good to get back to book sharing, must try harder to blog about one more regularly.

If you have any lovely books you would like to share, visit Canadian Home Learning for more book sharing or to join in.


  1. Sweet! I need to get my hands on this one...

  2. Welcome back to Book Sharing Monday!!

    Thanks for adding your link.

  3. The five little friends look a bit like monsters!

  4. What a great book. We'll have to look for it at our library!

  5. Fun book--we'll look for this one! Wonder if Sarah is related to Jane Dyer, children's book illustrator extraordinaire?


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