Friday, 21 May 2010

Busy times

Imogen's scarecrow
(straw added later ... outside)

Busy tidying the house and re-organising where things are (never-ending at the moment).

Busy with lots of plants being planted or waiting to be planted out in the garden and the allotment.

Busy sowing seeds, either a succession grown crop or new seeds, rather a full greenhouse at the moment.

Busy working on the Guild newsletter for July including a history of the Guild as it celebrates 60 years this year and is holding an exhibition.

Busy getting ready to go to the library.

Last week we were busy making a scarecrow (see above picture) for the allotment plant sale and scarecrow competition day, Imogen got a rosette and had lots of fun making this with me.

Never too busy to have a relaxing cup of coffee before we go out, and some drawing too.

Busy greenhouse


  1. Loving the scarecrow - Imogen always looks so happy xxx

  2. Busy days indeed! Beautiful scarecrow. They are such fun to make. We still have one up from last year. The boys are very fond of him and often chat to him or give him a quick pat. He is looking a bit weather beaten. Happy gardening to you!


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