Friday, 28 May 2010

Garden Delights

Kiwi flowers - hopeful for fruit this year

Well delights in the garden and allotment I suppose as some of these things are growing or being planted at the allotment. The greenhouse was bulging a while ago with plants waiting to go outside, either waiting for us to have the time or waiting for the weather to improve. We've been past frosts for a long time but I still think cold evenings and nights can stunt a plants growth so prefer to wait until it has warmed up before tender plants go outside.

Imogen helping in the veg patch at home

Fruit at home - Strawberries, Blueberries,
Cranberries, Apples, Pears and Kiwi (I think that's it)

Many (of the many) tomato plants have been planted. Some in chimney pots in one of the greenhouses, some in the thickly mulched beds at the allotment and some to still be planted into pots at home. Many more to be given away as the success rate on germination of these this year was enormous. Oops didn't photograph either - next time.

Runner beans have been planted up the permanent bean wigwam created last year, a great construction allowing easy picking all the way around and inside as there is an entrance in case of an impromptu game of hide and seek.

Bean Wigwam

Weeded and thinned and replanted some of the thinnings of lettuce and beetroot at the allotment. Planted more beetroot that were raised in modules at home.

Picked more Chard - these plants just keep on giving. I have been picking from these for 12 months now as they were planted in Spring 2009 and we picked through the Summer, Autumn, Winter and into Spring 2010. They occasionally throw up a flower spike but they gets swiftly cut down to encourage further leaf growth and they have not let us down so far.

We picked some lovely Broad Beans and have had a few meals out of them so far, many more to come. We were thinking about roasting some this year as they make a delicious snack (habas fritas) but I think we will probably eat all these fresh and maybe plant loads more in October so one bed can be for picking them fresh and one bed for roasting.

More to follow, I have climbing french beans and dwarf french beans in pots waiting to get planted out (just need some more time), numerous Cavalo Nero and Kale plants (think some of these may be given away too), new Chard plants, Spinach, various varieties of salad leaves to keep the continuous sowings (picking loads right now from previous sowings), Kohl rabi, quinoa, sorrel and more no doubt but I can't remember what I sowed last week - it's all listed in my diary book so must check it later.
Some achocha planted out

Fun and busy times out there. There was to draw, and look through an activity book, and do some birdwatching too.

And at the allotment Imogen made collected bits to make a surprise for me and created a boat with a leaf and a stick. We also saved an ant that fell in the water as Imogen was concerned it couldn't swim.
making a boat
With Daddy made scarecrow at the allotment

Completely unrelated to the garden, although I did use a butternut squash and some elderflowers, but sitting here is lovely at the moment ... lovely smell of freshly baked muffins (by Imogen, except the oven bit!) and homemade Elderflower cordial. Life doesn't get much better than that. I'm off for a refreshing drink and a muffin.

Happy Weekend all. Off to the farm for Woolly weekend and lots of other things going on too.


  1. You've just received a Beautiful Blogger Award xxx


  2. Your allotment is really inspiring, it must be sooooo satisfying to grow so many lovely things! I'm looking forward to getting my veggie plot when we move, in the meantime, I'm planting tomatoes in barrels, but I love seeing what people are planting in their veggie gardens! Love the scarecrow!


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