Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A little of allsorts

Following on from my last post, the Mark Lanegan gig in Wolverhampton was excellent. He was in great spirit, spoke more between songs than we've ever heard before. Every song was perfect and we had a great time. He was supported by a guy called Joe Echo who was really good, check him out on his website where you can hear some of his songs - very good voice.

Oh, almost forgot that I am almost sure that I saw Dimitar Berbatov at the gig too (if you're not into football he plays for Man Utd at present), maybe he's going to sign for Wolves next year?!? or maybe it wasn't him but I think it was ;-), so if he does, you heard it here first!

Our drive home brought us past Bentley fish and chip shop in Walsall, where we had the most lovely chips but way too many. Lovely weekend, but good to be back home.

Looking forward to a family guest arriving tomorrow for a few days and some great days out whilst Alex is off work and especially looking forward to the Hampshire Green Fair on Sunday 9th May.

Lots of planting out in the garden yesterday and ahead of us, cordials in the making and much more but no time to post about them yet. I think I will be doing some catching up on all this soon.

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