Wednesday, 5 May 2010

National Spinning Week - Spinning at Hilliers Gardens

This week in the UK it is the National week of Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing and I'm sure there are many events going on around the country. Our Guild here in Hampshire are very active in attending events to promote the skills of Guild members, keep these crafts alive and encourage new members.

My spinning wheel

Tomorrow I shall be taking part in the first event I have attended since joining the Guild last year, prior to this I was spinning at our open day which is always a hugely successful day where members of the public come along to watch and try out some of our crafts. So tomorrow, you will find me at the Sir Harrold Hillier Gardens near Romsey with some other lovely members of the Hampshire Guild. I have lots of freshly washed fleece (and wrinkly fingers yesterday), my wheel and bits and bobs ready to go. Hoping to have a great day of spinning.

Imogen will be along later with Alex to pick me up, and have a walk and play in the garden - especially the tree house she loves. She's actually on the website of the company who built the tree house - Blueforest - after they discovered the picture on my blog last year. The gardens are lovely, a great place to explore.

So a little nervous I suppose as I haven't done this before, but also excited and just think how many balls of yarn I can produce when I have a whole day devoted to spinning. Wish me luck, and if you're in Hampshire come and say hello. I figure it's a better way to spend the day than hearing all about the "e" word as it is 6th May ;-).


  1. Dawn, have a lovely spinning day! It sounds like a fantastic day out for you all.

  2. love your wheel, looks very similar to mine.
    was spinning last night with my group, good fun after such a long time away from the wheel.
    hoping to get some fleece soon too, fingers crossed.
    happy spinning, my dear friend

  3. Hope you're having lots of fun today. We've had miserable weather so far, but it's brightening up a bit, I hope you're having good weather there.

  4. Hope you had a lovely day spinning.


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