Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Joys and looking forward to ...

It is a joy to pick salads fresh from your garden for meals, we grow salad leaves all year round so we don't have to buy any. For winter time, we select hardy varieties and grow some under cover. Look at this lovely selection of pickings last night, lettuce leaves, wild rocket, red stemmed dandelion, red veined sorrel, lemon balm ... lovely, just lovely. No food miles, just food metres.

Fresh salad from the garden

Also enjoying this week - more continuous pickings of chard and spinach and freshly picked broad beans. How I love broad beans, got to be one of my favourite vegetables along with beetroot. I love them simply sauteed in some sage butter, fresh sage from the garden or allotment too.
Broad Beans for picking
Broad Bean Bed - lots to come

Looking forward to the bank holiday weekend where we shall be going to the Woolly Weekend at the farm, catching up with spinning guild members, watching the shearing and coming home with some freshly shorn wool. We were at the farm recently and I was eagerly eyeing up some of the lovely wool on the sheep. I didn't quite go as far as jotting down the number on the sheep I fancied the wool off (honest!), tempted as I was. There are some lovely Jacobs sheep all long and woolly, then there are the Hampshire Down and Dorset Horn. Oh for more time to just sit in the garden and spin.

I'll show you a few of my favourites. Oh, I can read a couple of numbers too (only joking!)

Jacobs mama and older lamb
Hampshire Down and lambs
Hampshire Down and lamb
Dorset Horn sheep Jacobs lambs resting
Dorset Horn lambs

Looking forward to this day out - Imogen has such great fun at the farm, and I get to indulge in a hobby I love too. Add in a lovely picnic ... perfect day out - hope it's still Sunny then.

Will be catching up next with some pictures of things growing and planted, and fun pictures from recent days out and about.

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  1. Dawn, this made me laugh! I too look at sheep greedily, eyeing up their fleeces! Lovely pictures. Have a fantastic weekend.


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