Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Green Fair

Sunday (9th May) brought us to the Hampshire Green Fair and another lovely day (although a bit cool in the wind), great company, food and lots of things to see and do. It was lovely to meet Emma who blogs here, who was running a seed swap (something we are passionate about is saving and sharing seeds) and was kind enough to keep some Oca tubers for me after I'd contacted her via her blog. Thankyou Emma. I took some spare seeds to swap - some Achocha (always have spares), and some more. I had said I would drop in some tomato seedlings but the ones I had planned to take had become a bit leggy and needed potting on first and I ran out of time, they'll be passed on elsewhere soon.

Imogen's willow star
Imogen enjoyed making a hat, a willow star and doing some chalk carving and clay modelling and we watched the parade of sea creatures later in the day. Alex went to listen to Maddy Harland's talk about permaculture around the world, we visited the bookshop, and chatted with people at the various areas of the fair. We also paid £1 to sponsor one of the handmade wooden slates that will roof the woodland classroom being built by Ben Law, Imogen drew a picture on it which will obviously weather but it was nice to contribute to the Woodland classroom. We listened to the bee man fascinated and later in the day returned and Imogen was answering peoples questions from what she had learnt from the man earlier.

fascinated with the bees and looking for the Queen

We also did some tree listening too through some headphones, hearing the water moving through the tree, the popping as the water moves through the cells, and a deep rumbling of the tree blowing in the wind. These have been at various gardens like Kew, RHS sites and elsewhere and were interesting to try out.

Tree Listening

We had a lovely homemade picnic lunch but visited the Art House food stall and bought some samosas to take home for tea. Great day out again.



  1. It was lovely to meet you, too! Thank your for the glutney :)

  2. wow ! that tree listening sounds brilliant xx

  3. What a great day - I love bees and I adore that Willow Star ;0)

  4. That sounds like a fabulous day xxx

  5. What a fantastic day out. We would have loved this. The bees and tree listening - fascinating.


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