Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cordial and beer

Dandelion flowers

Not together of course, but this has kept both Alex and I busy lately. After picking dandelions a while back and not getting around to making the cordial due to illness in the house, we picked another fresh batch of lovely dandelion flowers and made the cordial. I decided to add Lemon Balm leaves too and it has come out lovely, although next time I would add more Lemon balm.

Dandelions and Lemon Balm

So to the beer making, Alex has made some nettle beer and it looks and smells fantastic. All brewed, bottled and sealed, courtesy of a bottle cap sealer picked up at a charity shop for 99p a while ago. Here it is bottled. Apparently it can be drunk after about 7 days, although will keep longer. We shall probably sample it next weekend (after 10 days) and hopefully we shall have time to make some more with some fresh young nettle leaves soon.

Cordial and beer
Beer and bottle capper

The next cordial to make will probably be the hawthorn flower one I made last year which was lovely and refreshing, just waiting for more blossoms and a warm sunny day to pick them - they are later flowering this year. Elderflower cordial and champagne will follow shortly afterwards, so will dig out the recipes soon.


  1. I've got a recipe for dandelion lemonade somwhere which I keep meaning to try ;0)

  2. All so delicious! There is so much we can do with what nature provides us.


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