Friday, 14 May 2010

Catching up ... Spinning Day

I had an amazing day at Hilliers arboretum with another 11 members of the Guild, spinning, chatting and much laughter was had by all. Other members were also demonstrating weaving techniques and talking to members of the public about dyeing. I've not joined the ladies on an event before but will do so in the future as it was so much fun, and just something totally different for me. Great fun was had by all and I'm sure we may have some new members at the meetings very soon. I've added some photos here with other members but have blurred their faces in the absence of checking if they didn't mind me using them (not that I think any of them would).
3 spinners, spinning alpaca, flax and synthetics
(One of these lovely ladies was/is my tutor)

Me and my wheel in the distance spinning wool
Spinning at front of picture is cotton

One lady spent a lot of time with several members, and when I chatted with her I found out that she had been to Hilliers the day before but ran out of time to chat so came back especially to find out more. I recalled back to the first time I met the guild members at a show and how thrilled I was to be offered the opportunity to have a go on a ladies wheel (an expensive one at that!). So, I asked her if she would like to try and she was similarly thrilled and jumped at the chance. I feel it's important to not only show others the craft of spinning, etc but to also let them have a go.

Shawl Weaving by the wonderful lady who let me have a go at her wheel
a year ago now,
starting me off on my spinning journey

Taking a break and having a laugh

Much wool was carded, spun and plied on the day, and my finished skeins of wool and the knitted sheep (made previously, not on the day) were admired by visitors.

Collection of spun and dyed wools
and my knitted loopy sheep and lamb

Weaving display

Fabulous day with friends, I am looking forward to doing it again. I have already agreed to help out at Hilliers again in August where they do a Weaving crafts for children during the holidays, teaching them finger knitting, finger weaving, basic weaving, backstrap weaving, friendship bracelets, felting and lots more.

My Sister in Law arrived for a visit and came with Alex and Imogen to pick me up at the end of the day, and stayed for the weekend which was lovely. She had a great time playing and reading with Imogen. We spend some time at the allotment, and went for a lovely lunch on Saturday in town at The Art House - a not for profit run cafe with lovely people, lovely surroundings and lovely food ... especially the cake! A quote from their website sums up their ethos
"The Art House is a non profit ‘Community Interest Company’, formed in 2008 by four like-minded ecocentrics with a passion for art, community, and above all, cake."


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day. I'm sure you made the lady's day when you let her have a go at spinning.

  2. Looks like a fun and productive day ;0)

  3. Dawn, you must have had a great day! So much effort obviously went into preparing for this day. So much information and such a vast array of different fibre arts on display. What a fantastic guild you have there. I am sure this day must have certainly aroused the interest in a number of people to try out a new skill. Lovely that you let that lady have a go too!
    I wish I could get along to our Guild's meets but right now with 4 young children, I can't manage it. The time will come in the future. I am doing as much spinning and peg loom weaving as I can manage to fit in right now, trying to get through some of my stash to make way for new fleece. Shearing time at the rare breeds farm is approaching very soon!

    Thanks again for sharing highlights of your spinning day!

  4. Thankyou Jo and Lynda, and Kelly for dropping by - it really was such fun and I really hope to do more of this in the future for the Guild - it's what keeps the Guild alive. It's what brings in new members, of which I'm hoping the lady we met will be one soon.

    Kelly - we do indeed have a good guild, always lots going on and so friendly. I hope you can do this too when you have more time for something for yourself but with 4 little ones it would be difficult, especially with your newborn right now. Lovely to hear you're finding some time to spin at home though. I'm busy getting through all last years fleece in time for our local farm shearing, and there are a few breeders at the Guild too, and lots of fleeces just turn up there :-), then Wingham Wools visit in October - so much choice.

    Thanks again, take care x


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