Monday, 27 July 2009

Book sharing Monday

Having read other blogs with interest about the book sharing Monday venture, today we are finally going to join in. We love, love, love books in this house and there are so many good books to choose from, so today's choice is a favourite of my daughters.

Imogen loves nature and at the weekend called herself a "nature explorer". She loves to identify birds and is very good at it too, so the book of choice this week is
My First Book of Garden Birds (RSPB) - Sarah Whittley and Mike Unwin

Imogen showing us the page identifying the Coal Tit,
"The coal tit has a black-and-white face, and an extra stripe of white on the back of its head. It's not as bold as other tits at feeders, but look up high in fir trees. You might see one busily searching for insects." The next page is the "Guess Who?" for the next bird.

back page showing all birds in the book in size order

A lovely book, well illustrated and a guess who? for each bird. It (along with other bird books we have) gets used a lot, and we get excited about spotting the birds in the garden or out and about. Her identification skills are impressive, and she has stunned onlookers when correctly naming birds we see. We also us this book as inspiration for drawing.


We've enjoyed sharing this book with you today, see you next Monday for the next book.
Take a look at Canadian Home Learning for more book sharing or to join in.


  1. Oh - glad you're joining in with this Dawn. It's such a good, fun thing to do. Not too good for the bank balance though - there are so many great books out there. I remember buying this book as a present a couple years ago - might have to extend the library once again :)

  2. hi and welcome to Book Sharing Monday! So happy to have you here.
    we love being in nature too, but i don't think we are as talented at identifying birds as your daughter..yet!


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