Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cornwall holiday (lots of pictures)

We had a lovely week away in Cornwall, a place that always pulls me towards it, and a place we feel destined we will live one day. We stayed in the same cottage that we rented a couple of years ago in a lovely village that is just so welcoming, the landlord of the pub even recognised us from last time and we had a great time chatting to him and a couple of the locals. It was great to feel so at home with them, not as if we were "holidaymakers" (which we were really). A fabulous award winning butchers too, so a few packs of their sausages came home in the cool box.

We spent much time on the beach or at gardens including The Eden Project, Trevarno, Trellisick and Glendurgan.
Imogen loved spending time at the beach, we all did

Eden didn't disappoint us, it never does. I still have a magazine article from the late 90's of Tim Smit's dream to build Eden, and we first visited it in 2000 during the building phase, and have been may times since. It's a great venue for concerts too, we have been to a few Eden Sessions and the atmosphere is fantastic. A winter visit is also recommended and we hope to re-visit later this year.
reading the Eden guide

At Eden

In the tropical Biome

In the Temperate Biome - fantastic water harvesting display

Outside at Eden - by veg/allotment garden (wish my allotment looked that good!)

Habitat home (we aim to build something similar)

smelling the flowers
On the tractor train

Trevarno was really good, we first went there last year and decided we wanted to go back this year. Unfortunately rain set in and cut short our visit but we managed to get around most of it before then. Trevarno is home to the National Museum of Gardening which alone is worth a visit. It is also home to a soap museum, a toy museum, and the organic skincare shop. A great day out.

Lake and boathouse

Kiwi fruit (we have one at home - hopefully will fruit in the next year or two)


Checking if the rain has stopped

With Daddy

Soft feather
In the grotto

Trellisick is a lovely garden too, leading down to the river and the King Harry ferry. We came across a closed path at Trellisick and had to take this photo of the sign.

the sign says it all

Thoughtful wandering (I really love capturing pictures like this)

Tree Fern

Coins in felled tree trunk

The highlight at Glendurgan had to be their maze which is really good fun trying to keep up with a 3½ year old on a mission to get to the hut in the middle! Oh and the Giant's Stride was fun too.

Maze from the viewing point (shame about the tree!)
outside the maze after the first run around

I won!

and around again

on the Giants Stride

viewing the maze

Alex's beach stone sculpture

And on the way home, we had a little sleep to dream of all the fun we had on holiday ...


  1. Feels like you had a fantastic time. Gorgeous pictures.

  2. I love your blog - came to it via Jackie who had posted on mine. What bliss to be on holiday with such a sweet daughter. Thankyou for sharing. Ann.

  3. Thankyou for visiting Ann, I have seen your blog via Jackie - I must come and have a better look around soon.


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