Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hampshire Water Festival

Staunton park and lake

We ventured out last Saturday to the Hampshire Water festival held this year at Staunton Park, which was lovely as we got to go around the garden and ornamental farm for free too. There were activities to do around the water festival and Imogen made some dragonflies, a bat rind and painted a ceramic fish ... very colourful it is too.

Bat and dragonflies

Painting our fish

We had a lovely walk around the lake spotting birds, insects and trees and picnicked on the lawn in the glorious sunshine. The walled garden was lovely, lots of seasonal vegetables and herbs growing alongside lovely flowers. There was also a maze, although not as good as the one at Glendurgan whilst on holiday!
In the mist tent - lovely on a hot Sunny day

Flowers in the walled garden
Vegetables in the walled garden

We had a great time around the farm, there were Llamas, Deer, Alpaca's, Ponies, a Bull, some Sheep (mainly Jacobs), Goats and Pigs. Yes I did think I'd like to get my hands on some fleeces, maybe I'll find out what they do with them at shearing time.
Feeding the Deer

Feeding the Goats
Feeding the Alpaca
resting Goat
resting pigs
and pig in mud
Llama'sJacobs Sheep

Recovering from colds but had an art and craft week whilst stuck at home. Will post about that separately.

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