Thursday, 30 July 2009

Crafty week and library activities

Art Corner

We've all had a Summer cold around here ... probably, although it may have been something else in the news a lot, but we are all fine and recovered. Imogen had more of the stuffy nose and nausea than me but I had the aches, feeling light-headed and awful headaches. Anyway, a good opportunity to do some arts and crafts. We did some painting last week including these lovely pictures of a colourful house and a tree in the sunshine and our colourful sheep in the field, both with lovely apple trees. All Imogen's own handiwork, except the sheep I printed on the PC for her to paint (oh and I painted the rainbow one!)

House and Apple TreeSheep picture
Painting the sheep and the field for them

We also did lots of big pictures to send to relatives. Imogen also wanted to write on the back of the pictures who they were for and that they were from her, so we did that too and her writing was pretty good for her age.
Giraffe for Granny and GrandadFunky sheep
Tiger for Auntie Lucinda
Pick-up trucks
Wombats for Nanny and Grandad
Turtle for Uncle Jon
Animals awaiting painting
Imogen's writing on the back of the pictures

Just need to post them off now.

Today (Thursday) we went to the local library who had an activity on based around "The Green Balloon Club" from the Beebies. We like to watch the programme as it's based around nature so this attracted us to the event. After some stories from one of the librarians, we made a Spider hat, a ladybird feeder flower, and planted a Pansy to take home to put into the garden.

Looking pleased with our crafts and plant

There was then a goody bag for each child which was lovely. A cotton reusable tote bag with a couple of booklets, stickers, a maze, dot-to-dot and word search and a lovely organic t-shirt. We had a lovely time. We are back there next week for a Gruffalo activity session.

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  1. what lovely pictures xx your library looks great fun x


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