Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A trip to the allotment and the Docks

salad bed

Probably not two things you would normally hear people do in the same day, but that's what we did on Sunday. We went to the allotment in the morning where Alex was digging and setting out another new bed area. Imogen and I set up the pond at the bottom of the herb spiral (about time). Hopefully that will attract some pond wildlife over time and when the other pond is completed in the Autumn/Winter, that will too. Harvested more salad, Chard, Spinach and Beetroot. Admired the Pear tree again!



Pear tree

In the afternoon we went to the docks as there is a good children's park there which Imogen likes to go to. We had a walk along the docks too and there was a new cruise liner in dock. It's quite exposed down here and when the wind blows, it really blows. Imogen thought it was really funny getting blown around.

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  1. wow , thats a big cruise ship , your harvest is looking great xx


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