Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Seasonal Corner

A few updates to our seasonal corner to add the shells and other things collected on holiday, and some other bits and pieces collected or made recently. Lovely seasonal books that we enjoy reading, some lovely Lavender and Sweet peas from the garden, our Summer rainbow, collections and crafty bits. My lovely craft swap from the GP forum is there too on my felt watering can. The knitted bees and ladybirds are somewhere, but often played with so missing from the corner for now.

Lavender girl with basket of dried lavender;
collection of shells, driftwood and
stones from the beach;

some lichen and some feathers gathered
from a Peacock and a Guinea Fowl

More lichen, pine cones, dried Alder fruits,
Eucalyptus twigs collected for a craft project,
and handmade dragonflies by Imogen


  1. Those dragon flies look adorable :) I just wish our season table would stay intact for more than 5 minutes!

  2. ooh - tell Imogen that the dragonflies were my favourite thing! Beautiful display.


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