Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Returning home ...

Back home from our holiday in Cornwall last week. We had a fabulous time, taking in the beach which Imogen just loved, Eden, and some more gardens, etc. Lots to blog about but no time today so will update in the next few days.

Since being back home we have been to the allotment to harvest and water and take some updated photographs (again to follow in another blog post). I shall post some pictures of the herb spiral too as requested by a blog friend Jacqui, I'm rather pleased with it so far but really should get round to planting more in it and finishing the pond at the bottom. The herbs in there so far are thriving as they are receiving the conditions they prefer.
We also spent yesterday at Manor Farm as a treat chosen by Imogen for her fantastic bravery after having some jabs yesterday, her reaction to which was fantastically calm - just a faint "ouch" and all done.

A couple of photo's for now, back soon ...

Eden Sessions - Kasabian

Imogen enjoying plopping stones

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  1. Oooh, you were at Eden for Kasabian. I saw that advertised but we were a few weeks too early with our holiday in Cornwall.


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