Thursday, 13 August 2009

Allotment in pictures August 2009

I thought I'd do a separate post updating the blog on how the plot looks now, things are doing well, and the runner beans are even looking okay now and should give us a late harvest when we thought we had lost the lot. More beds prepared and mulched, and much planning going on for the next few months.

Our fruit trees are really performing this year. We were lucky to inherit them on the plot especially the Fig tree which is quite a luxury, and has been there probably 10 years or more, and has produced many figs so far and more to come. The Pear tree has exceeded my expectations this year. It was our first year on the plot last year and by harvest time there was a grand total of 3 pears to eat! By clearing the weeds from the base and giving it a mulch layer, this year there are loads - I haven't even attempted to count them but there must be more than 100 pears to pick. The apple tree did okay last year but has also benefited from a weeding, clearing out ornamental trees around it, etc and there are far more apples to pick again this year.

Bean Wigwam with little helper
on a mission with the watering can
Beefsteak tomatoes
(these just fit in my hand)
Cherry tomatoes
more tomatoes
Fig tree
Pear Tree (propped up - need to sort that out)
Apple Tree
Plum tomatoes
New bed edged with beer bottles,
mulched and planted with Chard
One of many Pumpkins Pumpkin in a barrel
the herb spiral, now with
little pond
Hedge of blackberries behind

Now to look at what seeds to sow, and order and plan the Autumn/Winter allotment. Oh and it's our Allotment show this Saturday. We are entering a fruit basket category but didn't enter any of the vegetables this year (maybe next year). We are also entering the craft and photography categories. Imogen is entering some things too - some homemade biscuits, artwork and an item of footwear planted up - a job for her this afternoon, we bought the plants the other day and have one of Daddy's old boots. Will post up a picture when I get the chance.

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