Wednesday, 12 August 2009


We had a good day at the weekend at the allotment, doing a bit of weeding, watering, setting up new beds, laying mulch and much harvesting. It's always a busy time around now in the allotment or vegetable garden, with lots to harvest. We have carefully planned (although could be better organised next year) what we grow this year so as not to have a glut of anything, although I suspect it may occur with tomatoes at some stage as we planted so many plants (oops!). Well we love tomatoes, and the green ones can be turned into chutney if necessary.

Our harvest included
loads of apples,
and so many more to come, here's a few

A few Pears, and loads more to come,
but most aren't quite ready to pick


more salad,
the plants that just keep on giving

some tomatoes
with loads more to come
(I planted a few plants!)

and talking of plants that keep on giving, there was chard and spinach to pick - we have been picking this for months now and plant to plant more for over-wintering as it's pretty mild here so it should grow on and on.
and a big selection of Beetroots - I do love beetroot!

Just planning what to sow from now through Autumn for Winter and early Spring crops. And then I really must try and plan next year better.


  1. All looks so good - what a great harvest.

  2. lovely crops , and many more to come xx


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