Monday, 10 August 2009

Book Sharing Monday

I know a lot of people have this book, but for those who don't, we have chosen this book to share this week.

The Global Garden by Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels (eden project book)

A fascinating introduction to the world of plants and all the wonderful things they give us. Lots of pop ups and pull outs describing where foods, fabrics and more come from; what happens when we plants seeds with an interactive Bee showing how they pollinate the flowers, it goes on to tell us what plants need to grow - earth, air, water and sunshine.

Three lovely little pull out books on how your Jeans, Books and rubber tyres grow! The book then explores trade of goods and ends with a beautiful pop-up flower display with information on the uses of flowers - beauty, perfume, and their healing attributes, etc.

A lovely book of discovery to make learning fun as it should be. Imogen really loves to get this book off the bookshelf and never tires of it's treasures. A favourite in our home.

Take a look at Canadian Home Learning for more book sharing or to join in.

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