Monday, 10 August 2009

Handspun goodies

my lovely spinning wheel

My wool spinning journey continues. I have knitted a scarf for myself using the Jacobs fleece wool I have spun. It took a few balls and because the thickness varied I knitted it on quite large needles so the scarf is nice and loose. You can really see a difference close up from the first ball I spun to the later ones where my spinning has become far more even - practice, practice, practice.

I'm loving spinning, so relaxing, and so rewarding to be able to make some goodies for myself and others soon with 100% wool that I have spun from raw fleece which may otherwise have ended up in landfill (much of it does sadly).

Anyway, from this lovely raw fleece sourced locally

with a lovely crimp
to these rolags, skeins and balls

to this scarf

and a close up

I love the randomness of the colours. I was happy to just experiment with how the spinning came out so some is white, some black, some grey and some humbug! I have to say I do love spinning the Jacobs fleece - it has a lovely staple (length) and crimp so is great to handle, and I love the lanolin, softens the hands as I spin.

More fleece to wash, card, spin and use, just wish there was more time to spend doing it, there are many more things in life to do too.

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