Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Weekend adventures and grrrr camera memory cards

I guess we've been lucky not to have a problem with memory cards failing, but it has annoyed me that it has happened this week. We had a lovely day out on Saturday to the Harold Hillier Gardens, a place we haven't been to for a couple of years and it was great to go back to. I took some lovely pictures, some of which I can upload but unfortunately some were on a memory card that has failed me! Not too much of a problem, we can always go back again and re-take the lost shots ... well most of them anyway. However, the few photos I am annoyed at losing were of a lovely woodpecker pecking away on a Eucalyptus tree, a sight you don't get to see that often let alone photograph. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was a lovely sight.

Anyway the day was filled with sunshine and fun in the gardens, looking and searching for the many pieces of "Art in the Garden". Hilliers are great at bringing art into their gardens and here are a few examples, unfortunately I lost a few other really good ones but will go back and photograph them another time. Their website has a link to a flickr group of photos which is lovely - past and present exhibitions, etc. The spinning guild I belong to are attending Hilliers at the moment on Wednesday afternoons, introducing woolcrafts, spinning and weaving to children throughout August and making friendship bracelets, etc. Unfortunately I couldn't get to any of them this year, but maybe next year as it's something they do every year.

Fabulous real size horse and foal made with chicken wire

Peacocks, again made with chicken wire so effective

Ceramic ware sheep


Seat spreading through the tree - plumbers plastic piping!

Tree hangings - looking lovely when the sun shone through them

Signs of Autumn approaching
as the leaves begin to turn


  1. We enjoy Hillier--I enjoy walking round a corner to find a piece of art work! I like the winter garden and the pond area is always a hit with my two.

  2. Oh it looks like my kind of place! I loved the tree hangings. Is it near Basingstoke? We are coming down for a wedding at the end of November. What a shame about your camera - how infuriating. xx


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