Sunday, 23 August 2009

Making chutneys and more

It's right what they say about August being a busy time for harvesting and preserving foods. Over the weekend I have made a batch of Green Tomato chutney with some green tomatoes from plants pulled up at the allotment as the plants were showing signs of distress and rather than lose the crop, we thought it better to use the good batch of tomatoes on them whilst green - we had almost a kilo, so that's cooling in the jars now and will be left for a couple of months before eating it, time enough for us to finish eating the last batch we still have that we made last Autumn. I will make more at the end of the season when the remaining green tomatoes are past the point of ripening.

We also have a couple of large marrows inherited from the allotment show last weekend (Alex is part of the committee so they shared out some things amongst them) - we ended up bringing back a few other bits too where people just didn't take there entries back home with them. So we are now going to do a batch of marrow chutney using this recipe with what we can find to put in.

I also still have the rose hips to use, and Friday Imogen and I picked some wild sweet cherries so looking to use them too, and yesterday we picked some quince from a huge tree, I've never seen a quince tree grow so large and be so full of fruit, I think we will revisit it again sometime. In the meantime quince jam is on the horizon.

Off to the allotment this afternoon for a bit of planting, weeding and lots more harvesting. We will be bringing back more apples and blackberries for certain so it will be a busy time in the kitchen later.
Pictures to follow.


  1. A good hall you have there. My Nan always makes marrow and ginger jam - gorgeous.

  2. We made jam for the 1st time this year--blackberry. We were rather pleased with ourselves! We are going to do apple & blackberry next. What else do you do with the apples?

  3. It's a great time of year, but you are so far ahead of us here with all yur hips and haws. ours are still green!

  4. Quince jam a favourite of mine, but our quinces have amounted to nothing this year, I'll just have to try damson jam instead!


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