Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Allotment updates

(note: lack of pictures due to camera memory card
not playing nicely)

Another triangular bed created, and Cavalo Nero and Kale plants transplanted, watered and mulched. More netting covering these to protect from butterflies and pigeons.

Harvested more apples that were used in the chutney, more tomatoes - mostly red ones for eating, and some for drying and storing, more Chard, Spinach, Lettuce, Endive, French Beans and Runner Beans.

Alex also dug up some of the potatoes, these are Arran Victory potatoes and they have a fantastic taste, and store well. They have a lovely purple skin, best seen when wet. We experimented this year with something we had read about with potatoes. As well as doing some in the ground we did two tyre stacks of potatoes. In one stack were chitted seed potatoes, and in the other tyre stack were just the shoots taken from chitted potatoes (potato discarded) which is apparently quite a common way to grow potatoes in America. This proved to be quite an interesting experiment and we got approximately twice the amount of potatoes from the seed potatoes compared to the shoots, so I think we will stick with this usual method, but maybe experiment again sometime. Both stacks produced lovely potatoes that are now in potato sacks.

Our fantastic squash fruits really coming along - we planted seed collected from last year and these are the Blue Kuri squash which are very tasty. I'll post a picture next week when I take more photos.

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