Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rose Hip syrup for the winter months

The rose hips foraged the other day have been turned into rose hip syrup mainly and some of the puree is also drying in the dehydrator as fruit leather. Both are excellent sources of vitamin C to be consumed over the next few months to ward off colds and influenza.

Here is a picture of the puree, which was lovely just on it's own - very sweet, and what a beautiful colour.

rose hip puree

Here is the bottled syrup, stored and ready to use

rose hip syrup


  1. What would you use rosehip syrup for? I fancy a go at making it but don't know what I'd do with it afterwards!

  2. It can be used as a syrup with fruits or puddings - ice cream for instance, or just as it is off a spoon - vitamin C boost to the body, or diluted in water for a drink. It tastes so nice, and is so easy to make so do give it a try.
    One tip though is to wear gloves when preparing the hips as they are highly itchy (were/are used in itching powders).


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