Sunday, 11 April 2010

Animal parade

This is what I came across after doing lunch today, Imogen was playing with her farm animals who were all singing their own song before joining the parade.

Here's the new addition discovered this morning after Mommy sewed it up last night, sparking her imagination to play with the animals today.

Daddy Donkey

This is Daddy Donkey, Imogen has a schleich baby and Mommy donkey, so this completes this little family.

Just waiting now for the requests to come in as when I have knitted her a little toy animal before, it usually gets her thinking about what else she would like.


  1. That looks great - I love your knitted animals.

  2. I love Daddy Donkey. My daughter used to love playing with her animals too.

  3. It always makes me smile when I come across some of the kiddies play things and how they have set them out. Mine have always lined their cars up in rows when they are little - they seem to all go through this phase of putting things in orderly lines.


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