Thursday, 22 April 2010

Earth Day 2010

I wanted to post something for Earth Day, a day for everyone to think a little more about our Earth and what we can all do to preserve it's future. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all thought more about it every day though, caring for the Earth isn't just for Earth day. The Earth Day campaign is 40 years old this year too, started by Gaylord Nelson (a US senator) in America, I found this archive footage on youtube from that week back in 1970, the year of my birth (yes I'm 40 this year too!)

Earth Day 1970 logo
found at

This year, the focus of Earth Day is about outdoors, so I think we shall spend some time planting in the garden. Some of Imogen's planted chestnuts and acorns from last Autum have grown into little tree saplings - what a lovely thing that we could plant a tree for the future, but maybe not in our back garden, it's a bit too small for what will one day be a large tree.

I decided I would like to share this little video that was actually released a few years ago now (for Live Earth), but it's one I like the message that it sends, and then there's the added interest for me with the wool and knitting. Hope you enjoy it.

If you have a little longer, this film below is a nice tribute to Gaylord Nelson who started the concept of Earth day, he raised many environmental issues and concerns.

Happy Earth Day

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